Wednesday, March 30, 2011

For the love of music.

"Music... gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything."                                                                                                                                                  -Plato
I always have a song in my head. I rarely drive without the radio/ CD player/ my MP3 player on & if I'm doing over 80, it's pumping! I love live music. I love the art of songwriting & music composition. I totally agree with the way Andrew Denton marveled over it being the closest non-breathing thing to imitate emotion during some TV interview I watched years ago.

There are same very talented people in this world & I am lucky enough to personally know a few. What a pleasure their music & conversations are.

For example (or three):

Kayla Stanton

My gorgeous red-head friend (& ex/first flat-mate), Kayla is a classically trained opera singer but has overflowing potential to be a massive popstar both in music & film. She's got it all; the whole package. Plus, she has a beautiful soul <3. Look out Hollywood. And a tip-off for Woman's Day...Ms Stanton wants to steal Robert Pattinson's heart. Lol. Scandalous! Kayla & I were belting out 'And all that Jazz' in her living room the other week, with a glass of wine in one hand & a proper (but unplugged) mike in the other. She reckons even I could learn how to sing. Thanks Kay, you're sweet but we all know I cannot hold a note. Rhythm I have, but only in my feet and hips baby! "Well, I can't pole, but I killed the body roll!"  - me after first & last pole dancing lesson with my BF Denise.
Kayla's fb profile pic
 About Kayla: 'Music is the vernacular of the human soul!'

Nicholas Bird

Another gifted human being whom I've been blessed with the joy of knowing and sharing my life with for nearly four years, has an ear that picks up the tiniest beat, even with his no-ear-plugs-while-smashing-drums-&-insisting on-being-in-every-mosh-pit-caused-Tinnitus. This man also has a very articulate knack for hauntingly beautiful lyrics & sick on-the-fly improvised jam sessions. He's cuppa-tead & played at a Clareville backyard party with Ben from Silverchair, supported famous rockstars, mingled (& tingled) with local stars and is finally making his special talent an even larger part of his life by playing, recording & performing with three bands. I'm so proud of that boy! Mr Bird's wing span is enormous. When he spreads them.

Nick narrating, Sam on the geet.

Listen to Walk With Me from Nick's band Wasabi (no drums on this track though).
My soundtrack to Lotus Media.

And of course mine & Nick's friend, the phenomenal...

Sam Buckley

The lead guitarist from The award-winning Anni Piper Band. This man rips it up, whether he's practicing his little ass off in his bedroom, on stage in Katoomba, in-studio recording the hopefully US-market-breaking album or traveling Victoria on The Blues Train. He loves it! And works fucking hard for it too. A reviewer once compared Sam to Jimi Hendrix (or was it another guitar prodigy, Sam?). He is amazing & if he doesn't make his mark on the international music scene himself, at least one of his students will, I'm sure. One of the loveliest, most polite & most considerate musician & person I know. Some of these tortured artists can be very difficult! But not Mr Buckley, he's easy. Ladies, roll up, roll up before this gentleman gets taken ;).

Anni Piper - Jailbait
2010 Optus Music Muster

And for the dub-steppers who prefer doof over real instruments:

Just jokes, I love it too. 

For the rest of ya's

Finally, my soundtrack to the unity of myselves.

Missy Higgins - The Special Two.
I've asked Kay to cover this for me. What a great celebration that would be.

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  1. This has got to be one of my faves. If not THE fave.

    P.S. This does real to my French theme - it falls in the category of fun ;)