Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fashions on the Field.

I think this is the first time I have successfully applied the revered values of French fashion to an ensemble of my own and been extremely impressed with the result. I would even go as far as saying that this is the best outfit I have ever co-ordinated by myself! Who would have thought the dorky girl who dreaded change room mirrors and always felt less than glamorous (less, even, than the dateless teenager wearing a potato-sack-like dress and a grimace at the dreaded formal) could feel and finally believe she looks chic! As in the one pronounced sheek for those wondering if I'm confused about my gender! Haha. I claim my womanhood loud and proud.

Potential Golden Slipper outfit. Minus headwear (and head), any suggestions?

A Parisian woman's wardrobe and style sense is renowned for their classic silhouettes, unique feature accessories, staple mix-and-match basics, flattering fits, creative substitution of items when the piggy bank is low and their (seemingly) effortless, pulled together look of understated, feminine sophistication.

Now...I don't really like the races. I don't gamble, I don't drink and the maximum amount of hours I can enjoy wearing high heels is about a third of what is required for walking around appearing elegant and entertained all day at the racetrack. However, I love dressing up! It is such fun choosing, borrowing and altering pieces to convey one's own individual style and identity to the on-looking crowds. In fact, I would hold my own Autumn Racing Carnival meet if I could still call it that after I take out the betting, the spirits and mixers, the sleazy drunk boys, the endless queues and the standing section. 

So basically it would look like this: Pretty horses, gorgeous creations worn by smiling ladies teetering on flat ground so that their fabulous shoes do not sink in as they sashay around the table for a gossip and a giggle with their girlfriends, red wine and strawberries, and a season appropriate theme complete with earthy colour scheme, easy listening music and beautiful bouquets decorating the semi-sheltered outdoor space, (the only thing worse than being hungover on sore feet and with pores caked in makeup is being sunburnt as well!). I would also have to add a sneaky R n' B playlist to shake our dressed up derrières to a phat bass line on a makeshift dancefloor (most probably the porch!).

To check out the trends for this year's Slipper and for more info on the event, held on April 2, click on the Girl with the Golden Slipper! Good luck to all you punters, may Lady Luck be on your side and in your clutch.

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