Monday, March 21, 2011


One of my oldest friend's grandparents on their wedding day. This gift was made by a family member for an anniversary. It looks like a book but it's a mantelpiece ornament. So beautiful.

Poem reads: 
"Love is
Two people who know,
Just as soon as they meet
That being together
makes life complete.
The warmth of a smile,
A soft gentle touch
Of two special people 
Who care so very much.

Love is
That wonderful time when
two hearts understand,
That laughter; and sorrow
are shared hand in hand.
A beautiful gift to be
given away, enriching
the lives of
Two people each day."

Maybe this is waiting for me on Shikoku Island. Or Ecuador. Or Paris. Sydney is not looking very promising. Not even Kurrajong Village. Or Bondi.

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