Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sense & Sensibility: Lesson #1.

Further to my recent blog on Savoir Faire, last night's turn of events gave me the opportunity to to practice my newfound flexibility and ability to achelmise negative experiences and make the most of what you've got.

Situation: Mike & I spontaneously decided to grab a quick dinner which would give me the chance to borrow his PhotoShop magazine, which will (hopefully) help me to design Lotus Media's logo. Because we were texting and both missed each other's calls there was a big misunderstanding & I thought he was finished work so I left Leichhardt in Sydney's inner west to drive to the ever-enchanting east.

Never, will I ever attempt that trip again in peak hour! As my facebook status read last night, my navman said eight minutes but Sydney's stupid gridlock said 60!!! I was extremely annoyed and frustrated and to make matters worse, Bondi (that's what I call Mike), then asked for a rain check because he was exhausted from a 3am finish.I tell him he is a toss as I've been suffering the traffic for an hour & am nearly at his place, to which he replied, "Sorry Kaz, I'm still at work, won't be home until around 8pm, thought you knew that".

Me: "F**k Sydney, f**k traffic, f**k you dude cutting me off, f**k iPhones, f, f, f!!!". What a waste of petrol & time. "Shut-up idiot!", (to the loser honking at me on the phone). Pardon my French but boy was I grizzly!

Then, I thought, "OK, this is where I am, it's shit but how I can I gain something from this?"

How can I apply the principle of savoir faire & 'The Secret' scroll email I had read about turning complaining into appreciating earlier?

This thinking allowed me to change my seeing red...

into drinking red :)

Caught up on some emails and editing and had some dinner. Left feeling pleasant again.

A great example of anger alcehmised into pleasure. (Yes, that word is new, it's my addition to the dictionary). Or, in Buddhist terms, arrows into flowers.

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