Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Follow me (and everything thing is alllriiight).

I will a throw a party with a bar tab at the venue of the 100th follwer's choice IF & WHEN I get 100 followers to my blog.

BUT.. only every 5th person gets a drink bought for them by me. This will be policed by wristbands! Lol

So...if you want to stay/be my real friend offline then follow me (or tell your friends & you can have the drink if I don't know them) on & be quick (& strategic), & from the bottom of my heart (& the top of my blog), if you are on the ground, dust off & jump back on your horse. You've got the reins & even when the ride is bumpy, jazz up your saddle or get a new pair of boots ;)

Yes, I am a D&M sap, but I smile & laugh a lot so I'm spreading the love jam on thick! Get in line toast soldiers! 

Riss aka stylemefrenchy (just google that - no spaces).

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