Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friends, frosting, flowers, frivolity, fuck-talk & fermented fruit.

My stellar friend Kayla had her Neutral Bay house-warming party on Saturday night. Being a Greek themed evening we cooked Mediterranean food, ate, drank and were very merry!

We made delicious haloumi and watermelon salad, cheese cob dip, chicken and mango salad, blue cheese and hummus topped crackers, cakes and washed our mouths out with booze. By the end of the night I'm sure our mothers would have been trying to replace the alcohol with soap! Such fun is had when you throw together good company, quality tunes, interesting recipes and strip away typical limitations like the taboo topics of line-crossing conversation. I had a great time.

I heart North Sydney...

Neutral Bay wharf.

and head-wear! <3

"& we shall walk & talk in gardens all misty & wet with rain 
& we shall never, never grow so old again".
'The Secret Garden', Lavender Bay. 

Most beautiful garden I have ever seen.
Hope to be a North Shore yuppy one day. Except without the yuppiness. Just want to saturate myself in the natural health and beauty of the lifestyle and the prime location.

Facebook check-in for this pic read: 
Balmoral Beach with Denise Deguara. 
'Sweet orange juice. Sweet tan flesh. Propose to me now, oh six pack lover'.

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