Wednesday, May 25, 2011

An appetiser.

I know, I know, I'm starving too but here is something to whet the French appetite while I wait for the arrival of the portal to creation that I am craving so much.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, it's an overdue internet modem! The one that has been interfering with my channels of expression these past few weeks. There's always Mum's place but as I sit here & write, my foot shakes & my mood darkens just listening to her (I know that's mean...but true).
"...for the third time Mum, I'm in the middle of something, can it wait? Grr".
About to go for another inspection on a potential home/ office space as part of my visualisation for my own fortune &  abundance. This one I've been calling Cameron House. It caught my eye when I walked past & saw a 1920's French style white metal bed frame for sale on the front porch. Can't wait to go home, so happy I can now say that from Mum's dining room table.

Let's get you out of those clothes.
A lovely pair of Parisian-looking knickers & a romantic boudoir setting. Aaahh, to be in love.....ok mood lightening again.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Home is where the heart is.

My Tumblr blog love=laughter this week:

Home Is Where The Heart Is, Part 3: Moving out, again (staying in Richmond this time).
It really is all about perception. I have everything I need & want right here, for right now.
If anyone told me it was all right under my nose six months ago, I would have thought them delusional or deceitful, or both. That old adage “You have to wake up & smell the roses” definitely deserves it’s place in the long list of wise but confusingly & frustratingly simple proverbs, because, let me tell you, they really are divine.
Ok, the beach is still a little too far for my liking. Actually, a lot too far. But keep reading love=laughter & you’ll see that chapter coming later.
I’m saving the best til last ;) 
The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.
- Albert Einstein. 

French Provincial shabby chic inspiration for my new room & job.

Firstly, I have moved house. And I love my new place! The retro 50's floral carpet, vintage wallpaper & curtains, our abnormally long grassy backyard & its fruit trees, the friendly new house-brothers, my new gorgeous four-legged friends, my own proper work space, the freedom to put my stamp on my space with no complaints, enough room to fit all of my shit (for once!) & the excuse to spend a dollar a week on antique silverware. Yes, spoons are a need! Fancy is a luxury but when the item in question is pre-loved, its stat! (new word - thanks baby ;)

I have had the most relaxing & productive week that I have had in a looooong time. Sigh (mostly of relief but mixed with a touch of nostalgia, a sprinkle of sadness & an unmeasurablly large amount of responsibility & self-sufficiency. I guess, we all have to grow up some time, right?

Secondly, after looking through all my stuff, I discovered that I am exactly where I always wanted to be at this stage of my life. In fact, I am here early. I have always been an ambitious little list-writer & goal-maker. I love it. Well, looking over my lists & dream-books & orders with the universe, let me tell you, there are a lot of "check"s being said & ticks being penned.

Romance, health, career, spirit...I am very happy with the way my life has turned out. Like it said on the card my Mum gave me last year, the path you take supposedly unwillingly, unexpectedly & often unhappily is truly meant to be because you probably could not have devised a plan more suitable for yourself had you tried to. It would have seemed preposterous.

That being said, I have never been through worse dramas or more intense changes than in the last 10 months & they are by no means over. But that's ok. All is not well, but it is. I accept & understand now that peace & happiness in your self & harmony & balance in your life can be attained even amongst complete disarray & emotional uproar. That's the nature of the beast. It's up to us to keep it strong but tame at the same time. It is not easy, but it is possible. And very constructive.

"I finally feel woman", I said to my great girlfriend Amanda, "I can now claim that proudly without feeling sheepish & false but with pride & liberation, as you do Manda", I said.

Confidence. We should add it to the water. It is life-changing.

P.S. My business has grown with my self-esteem & so if you have any marketing needs, be they website set-up, segments on the radio for a local event, copywriting for brochures or a total brand revamp, we'd love to hear from you at Lotus Media. Visit us at 

Thanks for reading. I hope I have inspired or can inspire you to do what you need to & more importantly, what you really want to.

Those who risk win.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cupcakes are awesome.

The concept is awesome. They look awesome. The variety of designs & flavours is awesome. They celebrate awesome. And the good ones taste awesome.
I love cupcakes. And baking.

I totally get my girlfriend Elissa's passion for the little handfuls of creamy, crumby joy they both bring to your life.
Have a look at Elissa's Pride & Joy :D
What a wonderful party! Complete with amazingly scrumptious desserts & sweetly smiling faces.

I also thoroughly enjoy the organised mess & taste-testing process that goes along with the baking of these bite-sized treats. Just as the journey is often better than the destination; sometimes the cake-mix is better than the cake!
I definitely need a new strictly-for-cupcakes-only kitchenware set: cute apron & oven-mits, lovely measuring cups, silicone baking tray & pretty tiered cupcake tower.
No, the gumboots I don't need for the kitchen, I already have a sick pair, but I found these rockin' ones in my image search & couldn't help myself!
I would also love a new baby niece/nephew so I can try my new textiling thimble thumb at this adorable knitted cupcake hat.
Mr Stork, can you please drop in to South Windsor soon?  
You must have come across some turbulence up there & lost your way... 
Contact me if you need the lucky couple's address again ;)

Pure sugary awesomeness:
Back to Basics: A cupcake special (my housewarming kitchen tea).
Sex & the City cupcakes (so-called). 
Edible Pokemon ones! Kawaii.
Mickey & Minnie. Can't wait for Disnelyand, Tokyo!
More cartoon yumminess.
This one takes the...(cup) cake! Very impressive. 
Yes cupcakes are for kids but have you ever heard the thing about inside everyone one of us tainted, serious adults is an innocent, fun-loving three year old? I agree.
Bring him/her out for Cupcake's sake!
Someone's gorgeous wedding cake.
Cheeky pigs.
Took me a while, prob cos I'm an HTC girl now. Clever cooking.
The heart of life.
McDinner & McDessert.
And, of course, I need the bench space to try my hand at creating my own version of a masterful batch of gourmet cupcakes. Enter March Street house with 1950's decor in my good ol' hometown of Richmond :D

Plus some new volunteers to try & testify (if positive) to the outcome of my latest cooking (ad)venture. Enter housemates to me/ brothers to one another: Nik & Siimon Agar ;) thanks for picking me, boys!

I repeat: Make Cupcakes, Not War. (They taste way better than blood & tears; so does love). 

For my girls (who hopefully will be joining me for the aforementioned housewarming kitchen tea):
They are even a fashion statement, ladies!