Saturday, February 19, 2011

Best deep fried ice-cream ever!

Words cannot describe, just look, and try not to salivate all over your keyboard!

I've even returned to Saigon Saigon specifically for this dessert to show my best friend the stunning presentation and gourmet garnishes. To my dismay (even though I emphasised to the waiter that I was ordering the dish take-away only if the visual effect would be unaffected) it came out in two plastic containers, looking very ordinary. So, I gently let them know what I wanted and they started again. And the result...I repeat, just look! I am not yet well versed on foodie review lingo (coming soon). 

Well worth the wait. And the slight tummy-ache!

For a taste, visit 

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  1. Hey Karissa,
    I couldn't find an email address for you, but how are you? Where are you working now? I'm still at Pan Macmillan and I'm sure you know that Charlotte is working with me now.
    Re. Jantzen swimsuits. I'd try Etsy or Ebay as first point of call, and there is a specialist vintage swimsuit site called Glamoursplash which could be a goer. Do you know your measurements? That would be your starting point if you are looking online. They are hard to find in Sydney, although the Vintage Clothing Store and Grandma Takes a Trip do have some vintage swimmers.
    Lou. X