Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Jewel in Sydney's Farming Crown.

This is how the fertile, rich farmlands and rivers of the Hawkesbury area are described, and for good reason.

Due to my passion for food and cooking being ignited over the last 10 months, my eyes have been peeled and my ears pricked for all things culinary: recipes, retailers, wholesalers, books, TV shows, restaurants and, of course, conversations with people about what they love or hate. An inspirational friend of mine, Lee, was talking about groceries one day and I tuned in for great tips on where to shop for local produce so as to support our community and reduce our carbon footprint. Shopping and eating fresh is also one of the pieces of advice I have read in my research of the French lifestyle.

Introduce... Riverview Produce, a farm in the lowlands between Richmond and Agnes Banks (Richbanks I think my little sis calls it lol) that grow and sell their own fruit and veges and whatever they don't pick they source from the area. I'm in organic heaven!

On my first visit with Lee, the beetroot was out so the owner/ shop assistant/ labourer went out onto the field and picked it straight from the ground! Cannot get fresher than that. Isn't it fascinating to realise that everything you want and need, all these delicious recipes for your happiness are right in your own backyard? I've woken up and can smell the sweet scent of the roses. And oranges!

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