Monday, February 21, 2011


This beautiful Maltese lady is my best friend, Denise Deguara.

We were playing rich bitches at the Ivy Pool Bar in this photo. The place reminds me of a Street's or Peter's ice-cream ad. The pastel blue and yellow decor combined with the 50's style swimsuit wearing promotional girls and the beach inspired cocktail menu make for the best bar I've ever been to. No chance of me jumping in the pool with the bikini clad models though! Not until I find my black halter Jantzen swimsuit anyways. If only I could afford the $10k membership! SSSwwankyyy!

This day was also my red lipstick debut. Very brave of me. Loved it. Amazing how a lick of colour can boost your confidence.

Five food, fun and fashion memories about this fantastic friend of mine:

1. Our lagoon lunch on Sunday where we created my new favourite fruit salad. Pineapple, passionfruit, mango, blueberries and peach. Sensational.

I forgot forks so we used the passionfruit shell halves to scoop!

2. Melbourne Cup. We shopped for hours putting together a gorgeous outfit and then Denise fell out of a cab on the way into a Gentlemen's club and smashed her toe so badly that the heels she planned on wearing couldn't fit so the entire ensemble was ruined. I'm still laughing! And her toe still hurts.
3. 2008 P&O cruise. Best holiday ever.
4. Her hot leather jacket.
5. Greek restaurant in Terrigal, can't remember the name but the food and service was five star.

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