Monday, April 4, 2011

Follow your dreams.

Even when the clouds are grey.

I was feeling very uninspired & low today, so I went for a walk.

The sunshine was warm on my skin, the stranger's smile warmed my heart and this fabulous hat reminded me of what is out there in the world when you step outside. It need not matter whether you take the road less or more traveled, just that you take one.

Sometimes when you are tired, you just need a little lift. Or a carriage.

I even got a designer's number who I'm going to ask to sketch my new tattoo. 
Here is some of her stuff:



  1. hey huni, this is from an Asian boutique in Leichhardt called Elise Silk

    i got the moby of one of the designers too cos I want her to contribute to the design of the scene I'm getting inked on my back. do you want to sketch me something too?

    I'll show my specs & inspiration soon ;)

    lub chu xo