Monday, April 11, 2011

French Kisses.

Warm. Wet. Caterpillars under your skin & butterflies in your tummy. Exciting. Loud, heavy breathing. Sexy. Soft. Magnetic. Memorable.

That's what you want to be to the person you are trying to attract; in business (ok, maybe they're not all for the office) and in love. All's fair in love & war!

To feel these things & have them reciprocated, you must be:
  • genuine
  • thoughtful
  • honest
  • respectful
  • playful
  • daring
  • cheeky
  • sensual
  • romantic
  • explicit
  • fair
  • nice.
The last bullet point is the single most important one on the list. Like I said to Mike, Kay & Benny at 'The Club' in King's Cross as I smooth-talked my way into the exclusive VIP room, "You know what my secret is to getting things I want in life? Be nice".

That's it. Just be nice. It is so nice to be nice. The most important person you have to be nice to in order to reap benefits is the person right in front of you; right now. 

Of course, you can have a good kiss, even an okay kiss, without doing or being all of the above....however, those lips you locked with (& may have wanted to lock with again) will wander to find a better face. The modern marketplace is very competitive; it's a jungle out there!
You snooze, you lose buddy! Thems the rules, (as Hayley would say). This is not just animal attraction people, it's the underlying equation to sales & marketing.

I was thinking about the correlation between my personal and professional values as I wrote this post & I realise they are very much in sync with one another, which lead to this statement:

I think the French Kiss of marketing is publicity.

Definition of publicity as a business term: 
Keyword - independent. As in, not paid off. People are great at ignoring ads because we have been saturated & overdosed with them. But, oh how we seek to be 'informed'.

If you would like to be in or on the news, inside people's/your target audience's hands, lounge-rooms, eyes, ears & minds, then do yourself a favour & check out Lotus Media.

Lotus Media International is the name, Awesome Marketing is the game.
Awesome marketing.
There is only one other entity that could provide you with marketing as awesome as LMI. That entity is a God by the name of...Barney Stinson.

Yes, I did just categorise Barney's calibre of epic-ness with Barack's. Actually, I would also trust your marketing campaign with President Obama's presidency campaign team. American political PR is super powerful. Like, I'm talking Kryptonite strength.

(Side bar: I love Obama. Lisa & I got up at 4am to watch his official inauguration <3).

So suit up. Be awesome. Contact Lotus Media.


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