Thursday, April 7, 2011

My mum's giggle about 'Frenchy'.

This morning, over a cuppa with my mother, she informed me that back in her day, the word 'Frenchy' was short for French Letter which for the kids back then meant a condom. That's disgusting!

By no means did I wish to imply or connote latex or any other word beginning with l-a in my blog name. Not that the words fuck and franga are barred from this space. (I think I've already used the f-bomb before, & now that I think of it, franger is totally banned, along with some of the vulgar names for 'cat' that I detest). Well, I've said it now, haven't I?!

Rosscoe - my stepfather & princess of the household - then added on to Mum's little laugh with this poem he remembers from his youth (waaaay back when):
"A man's ambitions must be small

 to write upon a shit-ouse wall.

A woman's must be worse,

to carry French Letters in her purse."


Variation frenchy

Definition noun

  • a condom. From the now obsolescent ‘French letter’, one of many examples of ascribing anything with sexual connotations to the French. (In French the equivalent is une capote anglaise, meaning an English bonnet or overcoat.).
Lol. Gross.

To the kids that listen (or I try to make listen) to me, click through this image to a history of the condom.

This Thai ad brought me to tears, click the blog title to read the explanation. Please.

Branding child sex for charity

... The gimmick: branded images of boys having different kinds of sex with men. The slogan: "Remove is hard. Protect is easy."

The following ones also brought me to tears, but not because of the injustice & evil in the world, these ones are thanks to the creativity, comicability (yes that's mine) and cleverness of ad agencies the world over:



Mum: Karissa, turn it down!
Me: Hahahahahahahahahahaha
Mum: I shouldn't have told you that.
Me: HahahahahahahaHAAAA!
Mum (after she watched the videos): HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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