Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Signature Scent.

“French women know one can go far with a great haircut, a bottle of champagne and a divine perfume.”
One of the things I learnt on that fateful sleepless night, where I fought my body's urge to sleep with boundless enthusiasm & oodles of francophiliac inspiration from the World Wide Web, was that a woman's style must extend to her skin, your nose & pretty much lightly tickle all of everybody else's senses.

I am a bit of a perfume whore, in that: I like it frequently, don't mind if it's cheap, will take it from anyone; at anytime, on any part of my body, but! thanks to discovering discretion & my sister's divine leftover body lotion, I now understand the sensuality of a signature scent and how it becomes the icing on the cake that is your own personal 'brand'.

Beginnings of Posh, the spice.
This notion of having a brand, as a living, breathing person is a very important trait behind some of the world's most talked about household names. Even with these face-size glasses, we all recognise this popstar...
...quoted as wanting to be "as famous as Persil" (a popular detergent), in
(I bought this at uni years ago & it now lives in my laptop bag).

Beginnings of me, the Poshe. 
(The 'e' is deliberate, like bogan; a la 'tarjay' for Target.)
Last July, on the sunny state's un-Wintery warm Gold Coast, I sat covered in goosebumps (air-con 14 degrees; care-factor 0) listening to a very lively character present a segment devoted to this long-lasting impression making concept at his own 'super-charged' business conference. It sure woke me up.

Sitting there with my skinny jeans not feeling so skinny, my style leaving much to be desired, my confidence dragging on the Crowne Plaza's carpet, suffering from crowd-induced loneliness & succumbing to silly old habits, my fragrance impressed nobody's nose, let alone my own.

That was when I consciously decided: I am going to re-brand myself. Re-invent. Re-assess. And so she did. The next day I went for a run on the beach. The next year, 2011, was to be my year.

Nine months later (my, what an appropriate gestation period of a new being!), I am sitting here sans the jelly belly (ambiguity intended: both green monster & uncomfortable mini muffin-top have been banished), wearing a 50's Rock-a-billy inspired outfit made of modest black pedal pushers, a baby pink polkadot bustier, a navy blue cropped jacket (a Parisian girl's in-between-season staple), black leather heels, beaded bracelet & unusual earrings (from Abu Dhabi, UAE).

I feel both comfortable & pretty. My flattering natural makeup with 60's-style Audrey Hepburn eyes & voluminous hair that looks sexy while still lazy (I don't do hair) also helps. This new 'look' is complimented by shapely eyebrows (yes, this is very significant to my personal human revolution) and, most importantly, a subtle signature scent.
Ta da! As classic & chic as the Eiffel Tower herself. lol.
And smelling like grown-up bubblegum.

To Victoria Beckham, however, I smell like:
Introduce: Signature, by Beckham (hot TV ad. campaign too). 

World, meet the new & improved Karissa Clare. Karissa Clare, meet the Wild Wide World.

At my associate's office in Leichhardt where we have just
finished a briefing session with a new web design client (coincidentally, a
Melbourne French wine & homewares importer), doing what I love.
My new beau's car down on the street, a laugh in my throat & a spring in my step.

Here are some good French tips for selecting your signature perfume.

And here are some good tips for establishing your brand.

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