Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Want a blog?

They're fun.

Don't listen to my sisters, who think they're gay. Actually the youngest one, Sharna, has a tumblr blog (another interface - mine is currently in blogspot which is a Google application), so I don't know why she is paying me out on stylemefrenchy! Bitch, please. Get a Google or a Yahoo! or a Twitter and follow me! Please. Don't be slack.

Her URL (website name, address) used to be jumpingthegun.tumblr.com but now that is some 19 year old Melbournian chic's photo blog...Sharna's was better, well this one's images give her a run for her money but Sharna's had text. Quite a lot of text. And good text at that.

Sharna is a clever girl & a brilliant little writer. But one day, what seems like a lifetime ago now, I went behind her back & logged into her blog (I later realised it is available to the public so this was unneccessary lol). The modern day equivalent of reading your sibling's private & personal diary. The ultimate betrayal of sisterly trust but bound to happen to someone when there are three daughters & endless gossip & secrets flying about the house. I am still sorry for jumping that gun but I am also glad because I would have never seen through the window that is usually locked shut. What I saw/ can see looks good so far ;).

Anna (aka Casey), want to be my first blog client so I can see you, too? Come on, you might like it. You could do it about your kids. Or your clothes.
Or your disgustingly pretty eyelashes. Or how much you love your car. lol.

Love you girls <3 Ok, now that my nose is brown, frikkin follow me! I will not ask (read: demand) again.

Inside our front door at home.

(Shingles is wearing the necklace we bought her that says this).

P.S. If you agreed with the bit where I called the girls slack & you are not following me, you need to have a long hard look at yourself! And follow me (if you have a a Google or a Yahoo! or a Twitter account. If not, you need to get one of these).

Soon enough I will have my own blog space within my Lotus Media International domain so anyone will be able to follow me.

Maybe then people will take up my incentive to follow. Three final words, guys:...Free. Drinks. People!!!


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