Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cupcakes are awesome.

The concept is awesome. They look awesome. The variety of designs & flavours is awesome. They celebrate awesome. And the good ones taste awesome.
I love cupcakes. And baking.

I totally get my girlfriend Elissa's passion for the little handfuls of creamy, crumby joy they both bring to your life.
Have a look at Elissa's Pride & Joy :D
What a wonderful party! Complete with amazingly scrumptious desserts & sweetly smiling faces.

I also thoroughly enjoy the organised mess & taste-testing process that goes along with the baking of these bite-sized treats. Just as the journey is often better than the destination; sometimes the cake-mix is better than the cake!
I definitely need a new strictly-for-cupcakes-only kitchenware set: cute apron & oven-mits, lovely measuring cups, silicone baking tray & pretty tiered cupcake tower.
No, the gumboots I don't need for the kitchen, I already have a sick pair, but I found these rockin' ones in my image search & couldn't help myself!
I would also love a new baby niece/nephew so I can try my new textiling thimble thumb at this adorable knitted cupcake hat.
Mr Stork, can you please drop in to South Windsor soon?  
You must have come across some turbulence up there & lost your way... 
Contact me if you need the lucky couple's address again ;)

Pure sugary awesomeness:
Back to Basics: A cupcake special (my housewarming kitchen tea).
Sex & the City cupcakes (so-called). 
Edible Pokemon ones! Kawaii.
Mickey & Minnie. Can't wait for Disnelyand, Tokyo!
More cartoon yumminess.
This one takes the...(cup) cake! Very impressive. 
Yes cupcakes are for kids but have you ever heard the thing about inside everyone one of us tainted, serious adults is an innocent, fun-loving three year old? I agree.
Bring him/her out for Cupcake's sake!
Someone's gorgeous wedding cake.
Cheeky pigs.
Took me a while, prob cos I'm an HTC girl now. Clever cooking.
The heart of life.
McDinner & McDessert.
And, of course, I need the bench space to try my hand at creating my own version of a masterful batch of gourmet cupcakes. Enter March Street house with 1950's decor in my good ol' hometown of Richmond :D

Plus some new volunteers to try & testify (if positive) to the outcome of my latest cooking (ad)venture. Enter housemates to me/ brothers to one another: Nik & Siimon Agar ;) thanks for picking me, boys!

I repeat: Make Cupcakes, Not War. (They taste way better than blood & tears; so does love). 

For my girls (who hopefully will be joining me for the aforementioned housewarming kitchen tea):
They are even a fashion statement, ladies!

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