Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Lovely Lisa Ho

After collecting my first over-the-counter-eBay parcel from the Post Office (I nearly damaged the silk as I hurriedly try to tear the sticky tape in the car!) and ogled over my new Lisa Ho blouse, made from dusk pink 100% silk with Swarovski crystal flowers for buttons, my heart and mouth finally stopped competing with each other and I stumbled across this...

Who else but the lovely Lisa Ho responsible for this gorgeous garment! Coincidence much? Lisa was featured in one of my favourite publicity pages 'can't live without' in the same week's Sunday Magazine. Further to this uncanny timing was my discovery that myself and this talented Australian fashion designer share my love of France. Amongst her favourite things were Eiffel towers, Parisian art and vintage (which my fashion lenses are much more focused on now, thanks to my beautiful and uber stylish friend, Kayla Stanton).

See here for Ho's French film 'Belle De Jour' inspired 2011 Collection 

Have found Belle De Jour at Sydney Uni so am booking in a sneaky session with my film buff friends to watch in their library asap (for research of course!).

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