Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mirrored brooch (by Karissa Jade Designs)

My first DIY jewellery creation!

Inspired by a session with an unsuspecting stylist at Castle Towers on Saturday afternoon who insisted canary yellow must be the focal point of my ensemble.

It was my friend Anthony who spontaneously coordinated my entire outfit while on our last legs of a Christmas gift buying spree. I was provided with the full service complete with coat hanger holding, colour matching and running from store to store to find the perfect accessory. Hilarious? Absolutely! Gay? Actually, no. Not in the slightest. Just a wonderful guy.

I bought the materials from Spotlight and while putting them together was again surprised by another male friend who could be running a lucrative craft business from his very own room! Ben had pouches of Swarovski, metres of leather and wire, boxes of tools, hundred of crystals and various other bits and bobs hidden discreetly in his mysterious shelves and cupboards.

Me - "Do you have some spare mirror?"
Ben - "Yes"
"And a glass cutter?"
"What about an angle grinder?" (Jokingly)
"Just a minute...in the shed".
(Hearty, thigh slapping laughter).

A stylish and joyous affair it was!

Thanks boys.

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